Woodbury Middle School Teacher List

Ms.  Andrews, Bethany: bsandrews@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Brewer, Renee: rmbrewer@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Brown, Alicia: ambrown2@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Bruckner, Bonnie: blbruckner@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Cannon, Chris: ccanon@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Casaus, Alexandra: acasaus@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. De Hart, Stevens: adehart@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Franco, Carmen: cfranco@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Frankl, Lori: lfrankl@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Funkhouser, William: wefunkhouser@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Gardner, Melissa M: mgardner@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Glass, Therese: tglass@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Goebel, Patricia: pagoebel@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Grace, Clyde: crgrace@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Hager, Tim: tmhager@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Hoffman, Joann: jihoffman@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Huggings, Jaime: jrhuggins@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Iacobelli, James: jiacobeli@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Knobloch, Chris: knoblocj@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Lopez, Fabian: fflopez@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Moriarty-Ramirez, Colleen: cemoriarty@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Nelson, Angel: langell@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Ng, Shawna: skng@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Podhaisky, Nikki: nmpodhai@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Riley, Lisa: lariley@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Schumm, Ashli: aastauffer@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Shingleton, Michelle: mmshingleton@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Smith, Lisa: lsmith5@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Sofia-Hawkins, Jackie: jsofia@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Squires, Kimberly: ksquires@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Stotler, Connie: cdstotler@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Sung Melonie: mjhuynhsung@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Truax, James: jjtruax@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Wharton, Lee: lfwharton@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Young, Carolann: youngcx@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Ziembo, Jeffrey: jziembo@interact.ccsd.net

Mr. Zobel, Kyle: kcz535@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Philleo- Kitchen Manager: dphilleo@interact.ccsd.net

Ms. Medina, Awtumn - Librarian: awmedina@interact.ccsd.net

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