The Bristlecone Storytelling Program

Orchestrated by Book Master Dwyer

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Come during lunch to learn about and practice the art of storytelling! Bring your lunch down from the cafeteria and eat in the library. Afterwards, the fun begins! The sessions build on each other, so you will want to attend all sessions. After doing warm-ups, tellers will get ready for the school-wide Bristlecone Storytelling Festival. After the school-wide event, we will send school champions to the regional event which is hosted by the Whitney Public Library. 


The Clark County School District Storytelling Festival is an exciting, voluntary program offered to fourth through twelfth grade students. Students are taught storytelling skills that support the district English/Language Arts/Reading curriculum. At Woodbury, sixth and seventh grade library classes get storytelling introductions, but eighth graders are also encouraged to participate.

WHY STORYTELLING? Storytelling is the world’s oldest teaching tool. From the beginning of time, the spoken word has been used to pass on beliefs, traditions, and history. Storytelling engages one’s imagination, bridges the gap for meaningful connection between the teller and the listener, and establishes common ground in a multicultural society to touch the hearts and minds of the listeners. Concentration & memory + critical thinking skills + teaches about other cultures + gives a sense of history + vocabulary development + respectful listening + increases students understanding & retention of content information. It uses all ELA skills as it has learners read, write, speak, view, and listen.

What does storytelling look like? Check out the below video by Abdulah and Bakary. Questions? Talk to Book Master Dwyer.