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      We will read Ryder Windham’s “A New Hope” this fall. This is the first part of the original Star Wars Trilogy. Yes, the force will be strong with us! We will discuss the book and do related activities such as games and arts & crafts. Beginning October 4, we will meet about every other Thursday (2:30-3:30) in the library. Book Club is free and  students get a copy of the book as a library check out. Club communications will go through our Google Classroom which members will join during the first session. For this reason, students must be able to access their G-Suite accounts. Since parents can be included in communications, there is a spot on the application for a parental email address. Book Club is only open to the first 22 members. After that, students will go on a wait list in case anybody drops out.  Visit tinyurl.com/woodburystarwars (the web page that you're on) to see how many spots are left. When we are done with the book, we will watch the film. Common Sense Media, a company that rates films for child friendliness, awarded the PG film 4/5. They rate it for viewers ages seven and up, and describe it as a “Sci-fi action classic perfect for sharing with kids.” Return of a completed application is how parents grant permission for their children to watch the movie.  

As of October 5, Book Club is no longer accepting applications.

Print THIS application out. Complete it and bring it to Book Master Dwyer in the library. 

Here's our calendar.