The Dr. Clare Watson Woodbury Story

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    Clare Watson Woodbury was born in 1895, in Parowan, Utah. His family later moved to St. George, Utah. In a way, he began working for education at the age of sixteen when he volunteered to help build the first high school in St. George. He would later graduate from the same school. One month after graduation, he married Lola Andrus, a classmate, and together they enrolled in Brigham Young University

    After one year, the Woodburys returned to St. George where their first son was born and Dr. Woodbury worked in a drugstore. The following year, he studied at the University of Utah, where he received his B.A. Degree and then continued in the two-year School of Medicine.

    He then transferred to George Washington University Medical School in Washington D.C., where he graduated in 1922. As he finished his internship at George Washington University Hospital, his father, Dr. Franklin Woodbury, co-founder of the St. George Hospital, died, and so C.W. Woodbury returned to St. George to take over his father's practice. He practiced there for four years and then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

    In 1932, he came to Las Vegas to fill in for one of the co-founders of the Las Vegas Hospital for “two to three months” as the other doctor was ill. The Woodburys never returned to Salt Lake City.

    In 1965, Dr. Woodbury received recognition from the University of Utah as a “Distinguished Senior Alumnus.” He was also named “Physician of the Year” by the Nevada Medical Society, and was the recipient of the Robins Pharmaceutical Company’s “Award for Outstanding Community Service.”

    His record of community service dates from his earliest days in Las Vegas. He served as Clark County Health Officer; he served on the Nevada State Board of Health beginning in 1938, and served eight years as Chairman; he helped organize the Clark County Chapter of the Medical Association, serving two years as President; he was co-founder of the Clark County Mental Health Association and served as the first President; he also served many years with the Nevada Tuberculosis Association.

    Dr. Woodbury has a firm conviction that, “The greatest investment any state can make is in the education of its young people.” He was elected to the Las Vegas Board of Education in 1952. He then helped consolidate the fourteen county boards into the new Clark County Board of Education, to which he was elected and re-elected many times since its founding in 1956. He was School Board President from 1966 to 1969 and he served as a Trustee for twenty years. 

It is with great pride that our school is named after Dr. C.W. Woodbury


This biography is a blend of "The People behind the Names: A History of School Dedications - Clark County School District" by The Young Einstein Team & Seventh Grade Students at Mike O'Callaghan Middle School (1995) and an unaccredited biography that as of 2018, hung in the front hallway of Woodbury Middle School.