iPad Cart Calendars

If no calendars appear on this page, it is because you are not yet logged into your G-Suite account. To view available slots, you must have access privileges. Scroll down for directions.


  • If you'd like to book an iPad cart, use the iPad's corresponding Google calendar which replaces the former Interact calendar.
  • To use the iPad cart calendars, Book Master Dwyer needs to give you access privileges. Contact him and tell that you would like access to the iPad cart calendars.
  • Select a cart based on availability and needed number of iPads. As of August 2017, here's what the carts have:      
    cart 1: 26 iPads, cart 2: 29 iPads, cart 3: 30 iPads, cart 4: 28 iPads, cart 5: 29 iPads, cart 6: 26 iPads, cart 7: 30 iPads 
  • To book days in the above calendars, you will need to log into your G-Suite account.
  • Click where it says "+Google Calendar" in the lower right hand corner of the calendar you desire.
  • From "Other Calendars," select the desired iPad cart. Notice how distinct colors represent each of the calendars. If each of your calendars are not expressed with different colors, update them.

Slots are first-come, first-served. WARNING/DANGER: DO NOT EDIT OR MOVE SLOTS THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE. You have editing rights which means you could accidentally delete somebody's slot. You are only to create slots in available/open spaces and edit your slots. If the calendar is abused, a gate keeper will be installed. Be careful and play nice!

  • Click into the desired day. For the event title, write your last name. By default, the calendar wants to put the slot on your personal calendar instead of the desired iPad cart calendar. To avoid this epic fail, click your name and select the actual calendar that you want from the drop down menu. Then click "Edit event."
  • After clicking "Edit event," click "All day." While the drop down menu has set times, you can click into the window to write any time.  When done, press the "SAVE" button.
  • Double check your calendar entry. 1) Does the color match the designated color for that calendar under "Other calendars?" 2) Is your name the title? 3) Are the times accurate?

Repeating an Entry

There are times when you will want to book the same slots on multiple days.

  • When the event entry is open, click "Repeat..."
  • You have many options. How will the event repeat? How often should it repeat? IMPORTANT: When should the repeating event end? Don't allow your events to run to infinity. Click "Done" and review your entries on the calendar. If they're not accurate, edit your original calendar entry.
  • Stuck? Expect a learning curve when first using Google Calendar. For an overview, watch this video tutorial. If you have trouble, see Book Master Dwyer. Mr. Zobel is also a wizard at Calendar and he will be happy to assist.