The below widget could act as the new 535 conference. It is a Google Group. People can post to it within this page. They can also go to the actual page and post. Heck, you don't need to leave your inbox. One of the perks of going Google is members can post and read messages without ever needing to go to a specific page. Members can post from their Gmail inboxes by simply typing  Membership can be invitation only. From there, longhorns can read messages in their inbox through the Forms tab once it's activated. That way the inbox sorts Form messages from direct messages. There could be a separate Groups for Teachers and Chat. All of them could be embedded into this page, only viewable by members.  (For Demo purposes, I have it set so that only can view the content) The main group can be found at:

Currently Google Communities can not be embedded into a web page, so here's a link to the Woodbury Community: