The faculty list will soon be updated for the 2017-18 school year.

Ms. Bethany Andrews

Ms. Renee Brewer

Ms.  Alicia Brown

Ms. Bonnie Bruckner

Mr. Chris Cannon

Ms. Alexandra Casaus

Ms. Carmen Franco

Mr. William Funkhouser

Ms. Therese Glass

Mr. Clyde Grace

Mr. Tim Hager

Mr. James Iacobelli

Mr. Chris Knobloch


Mr. Fabian Lopez

Ms. Angell Nelson

Ms. Shawna Ng

Ms. Lisa Riley

Ms. Michelle Shingleton

Ms. Jackie Sofia-Hawkins

Ms. Kimberly Squires

Ms. Connie Stotler

Mr. James Truax

Mr. Lee Wharton

Ms. Carolann Young

Mr. Kyle Zobel

Mr. James Zebrowski