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Dungeons and Dragons is the classic RPG (role-playing game) from the 1970's. We use the 5th edition rule set. The students take part in an adventure to seek fame, fortune, and a sense of accomplishment! If you like fantasy literature and math, then this club may be for you! New players may join through the end of November.

The Dungeons & Dragons Club is managed by Mr. Knobloch.

Dungeons & Dragons Club Rules

1. Keep hands, feet, and Mace of Disruption to thyself.

2. No food in the gaming room, unless the Dungeon Master has cast the “Summon Pizza” spell.

3. No arguing with the Dungeon Master, for they are most wise! Failure to follow this rule will result in the appearance of the fearsome red dragon*! Thy character shall be roasted and eaten.

4. Keep thy playing area clean.

5. No horsing around, unless your character is actually riding a horse, of course!

6. Maintain good grades, no D’s, F’s, N’s, or U’s!

7. Do not make any references to the awful Dungeons and Dragons movies!

8. Thy shoes shall remain firmly on thy feet! We are still in school, after all.

9. School work takes precedence over the club.

10. Do not be late to the club meeting. Your character is left behind at the inn, which could be attacked by the red dragon*.

*The Red Dragon is a metaphor for being removed from the D&D club for rule violations.

Free Rulebook download: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules

Do you want to join the Club? Complete the below permission slip and return it to Mr. Knobloch.