Administration Information

C.W. Woodbury administration, teachers and staff goal is to give the highest level of education to all of our students, within a clean and safe environment. In doing so, we invite all parents and students to look over all the school rules and guidelines. 

Deans Info.


Excused/Approved Absence – If an emergency exists or if the student is physically or mentally unable to attend school, the parent or legal guardian or other person having control or charge of the student, should notify the attendance office by providing a written notice to the school within 3 school days after the student returns from their absence. Please print the information then sign the note. All notes are to be submitted to the Dean’s Office.

Explanations should include the following information and be submitted to the basket in the dean’s office:

  1. The date of the submitted excuse note
  2. The first and last name of the student
  3. The student’s ID number
  4. The date(s) the student was absent
  5. The reason the student was physically or mentally unable to attend school.

Title 1 Information

Title 1 - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged (Federal Website)

Title 1 Coordinator: Mrs Moriarty-Ramirez

C.W. Woodbury Middle School is a Title 1 Program school. In following with Federal Mandate, documentation relevant to parents and students will be posted on the website. All documentation will be updated when new/revised information is available.