3D Print Club

      Our Library Media Program embraces STEM education! 3D Print Club is led by Book Master Dwyer. Students meet in the library to design objects using CAD or Computer Aided Design software. Then objects are printed through the library's 3D Printer. Next, students refine their projects by sanding and eventually painting. The creations then go on display in the library. Eventually members get to take their work home for free!  

Unlike in previous years, 3D Print Club will run all year. In the 2019-20 school year, it will probably begin in September. At some point in August, this year’s application will be released through the below button. Check the library’s hallway bulletin board or talk to Book Master Dwyer to know when the application will be released.

Open, print, and complete the below application. If a student lives in a home without a printer, she/he can print it out on a library computer.

group shot.jpg

The 2018-19 3D Print Club

Visit this page at tinyurl.com/3DPrintClub